President Mubarak mengumumkan beliau tidak akan berundur walaupun ditentang hebat oleh rakyatnya sendiri, lihat laporan Al-Jazeera...


11:29pm: Mubarak said the country's emergency law would be lifted when the time is right - but for now they remain in place. No word from Washington. Al Jazeera presenter Adrian Finighan says looking at the wires "is like watching the tumbleweed pass by".

11:25pm: Thomas Gorguissian tells Al Jazeera the protests planned for tomorrow "are now likely to be much, much larger". Something of an understatement, given the reaction of the crowd.

11:23pm: He said he "lived for Egypt and would die for Egypt".

I will not be separated from this soil until I am buried underneath it.

11:15pm: Mubarak said he will delegate some responsibilities of power to Omar Suleiman - but not an all out transfer of power. He said mistakes were "likely in any political regime" and that he would seek to punish 'those who committed crimes against our youth to the most severe sentences allowed in law".

I address the families of the victims who fell. I feel the same pain you felt.

The crowds in Tahrir seem to feel little sympathy, jeering - and taking off their shoes and shaking them at Mubarak's image on the TV screen,

11:12pm Mubarak refuses to stand down - he vows he will stay in office until September, and will not bow down to "foreign pressure".

11:05pm: He's not going anywhere soon. The volume in Tahrir Square has just ramped up in anger; the carnival atmosphere is changing very, very quickly.

I have exhausted my life defending the homeland and its security. I went to war, I lived through occupation and I lived through teh liberation of Sinai. I have faced death on many occasion.

11:03pm: Mubarak says the priority is to "restore confidence to our nation".

Egypt is braving hard times, where we cannot tolerate these circumstances to continue. Our economy has suffered losses and damages - and day by day it will end up where the youth, who are calling for more reform will be the first victims.

Is that a threat?

11:00pm: He says the current moment "is not related to my personality".

All Egyptians are in the same trench and we should continue engaging in our national dialogue we started, without enmity, to restore confience to our economy, peace and stability to our citizens and to restore the normal way of life to the Egyptian street.

10:58pm: Mubarak is speaking about his military achievements and hundreds of thousands can be heard chanting against him on Al Jazeera's split screen.

10:55pm Mubarak: "I have laid down a clear vision on how to resolve the crisis ... I have amended 6 constitutional articles and annul one. I confirm that I am prepared to propose or amend others as required"

10:52pm Mubarak says that he will not be leaving office immediately, as demanded by the protesters:

I will work to peaceful transition of power. Want to take country from these harsh moments - looking to backing of everyone


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Keadaan di Dataran Tahrir ketika Mubarak mengumumkan beliau tidak akan berundur...

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